Camera Car

Car to Car tracking shots is something our crew has been doing for over 25years. We pride ourselves in the creative and technical know how to accomplish any shot safely time and time again.

Precision repeatability is our game.

Sometimes you only have one take to get the shot right and we pride ourselves in having the technic and owning the very best camera cars to be able to deliver the directors vision.

Getting the perfect shot can be stressful enough.

That’s why our Camera Car comes as a full package.  No need to rent cameras, lenses, FIZ systems, radios, headsets, wireless teradek, block batteries, and additional monitors to make the camera car complete. Our camera car comes with everything needed to deliver feature film results at budget friendly prices your production manager will love.  Nothing worse than production forgetting to rent something that didn’t come with the typical camera car package other competitors rent out and now your production is stressed to make their day.  Our camera car has it all.

Our camera car crane is just over 12′ allowing you to put the camera under ground or 12′ above the roof line for maximum low to high level shots. All while allowing full continuous 360 degree rotation without tangling up. (unlike the competitors) In addition we’ve finished it off with the most advanced camera movement system in the industry “the beast” our Arri SRH3 remote head.  The Arri SRH3 can handle any camera and lens package in existence today up to 66lbs with uncompromising stability on road and off road up to 130mph and can continuously rotate 360 degrees without tangling cables.

Our Porsche Cayenne turbo camera car is fully outfitted with all smallHD monitors at every seat position so you have not only daylight viewable monitors in full 1080HD but monitor tools built in that you’ve come to know, love and rely on like scopes, histograms, focus peaking, ghosting and much more built into each monitor at each seat position. You’ll confidently know you’ve nailed the shot.

We own and operate the Arri Alexa mini with 4:3 and raw licenses. Plus we have a great selection of Angenieux Optimo zooms, pristine vintage Kowa anamorphic primes, as well as Cooke S4 prime lenses to give you the look of film the industry is come to love and crave.

Camera car advantages the make us the #1 camera car in Florida and Georgia.

  • We put safety of the public, crew, and production first
  • 40 years experience as techs, operators, and precision drivers
  • Industry standard meticulously maintained Porsche Cayenne (no old junk cars here)
  • 12′ 360 degree continuous rotation camera car crane
  • Gyro stabilized camera car crane
  • Our crane mounts to almost anything. Cars, golf carts, boats, if you can think it we can probably do it
  • Arri SRH3 remote head
  • Our package travels and can fly anywhere in just 6 flight cases
  • Our camera car package is a complete camera car package with everything needed.
  • On road / Off road / boat
  • SmallHD monitors at every seat position
  • Full arri WCU4 fiz
  • Proven teradek bolt 3000 for wireless monitoring
  • Arri Alexa mini with 4:3 and arriraw licenses installed
  • Angenieux Optimo 15-40 & 30-76 f2.6 zooms
  • Anton Bauer block batteries (continuous power all day)
  • SRH3 isolation dampener
  • 130mph capable
  • Our drone pilot and op is one of the industries best. We can bring them too 🙂